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Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are a great carbohydrate staple food. They can be eaten by themselves, used as the base of smoothies, in fruit salads etc.

Bananas taste great by themselves and have the kind of texture and taste that blends well with many other flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, mint, berry etc.

Why eat bananas?

  • A good source of potassium, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin B6.
  • The potassium content of bananas has been shown to lower blood pressure.
  • Studies show that diets higher in potassium correlate with a significantly lessened risk of stroke.
  • The fiber content of bananas can help people with constipation. If you have troubles with this have a banana smoothie.
  • Bananas have antacid properties which helps relieve and treat stomach ulcers.
  • Bananas help your body intake calcium. This is due to the probiotic nature of bananas. Probiotics help stomach bacteria.

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