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Making Healthy, Satisfying, Fun And Delicious Smoothies

There are almost an infinite number of different smoothie ingredient combinations you can make and this can be overwhelming to an inexperienced smoothie maker. It couldn’t be more simple and with this technological and informational age all the information we could ever need about the healthiest foods is quite literally at our fingertips.

Some people dedicate their lives to learning them to tell the world. I am one of them.

What do I recommend?

There are many healthy foods out there that we can use in our smoothies. A great base for a smoothie is the banana. The banana when at room temperature will make a semi thick milkshake consistency. Frozen bananas when blended make a soft serve ice-cream consistency!

Certain ingredients blend better with certain ingredients. With this banana smoothie we are theorizing a great taste blend would be adding some raw cacao powder. That’s right, chocolate is actually healthy for us! It has an incredible antioxidant rating .

Box of bananas

Cinnamon could work well, so could mint, so could pineapple etc. Anything can work if you like it.

It really comes down to your personal taste

A great way to add some solid nutrition to your smoothies is to add some superfoods. Cacao mentioned earlier is a superfood. There are others like m

Maca which is an adaptogenic Peruvian root vegetable grown high in the Andes Mountains, Reishi mushroom, Ginseng, goji berries etc.

The term superfood is open to interpretation but there are certain foods that people agree on have powerful effects. These can be useful additions to smoothies to add a depth of flavor and nutritional complexity.

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