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Detoxification Strategies

If you are serious about detoxifying your body then these are some strategies that I believe would be effective.

Everyone is at a different place with their health and this is by no means medical advice, but there are herbalists/healers in most cultures that had healing herbs and practices that we have largely forgotten. We put so much faith in pharmaceutical medicine when the cure is growing right outside our doorstep.

Wild edibles

Truly the most nutritious foods are growing in the wild. Dandelions are more nutritious that even organic lettuce or kale in the supermarket.

High in iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, vitamin E, vitamin K. Good source of copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese. More protein than spinach, anti inflammatory properties make it effective treatment for asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

People think dandelions are weeds but they hold powerful medicinal properties. You can eat the leaves, flowers, stem, root. “coffee” made from the root has different effects than mentioned above, look that up for more information.

There are many nutritious items you can find in your local area but it varies greatly. Dandelions are common though. You can add these to a fruit smoothie to make a green smoothie. Add as many as you can handle taste wise. This is a great way to get more greens in your diet which is very cleansing and nutritious.

Raw food detox

The ideal detoxification diet would be raw vegan. A lot of fruit to get things flowing, vegetables ground you; herbs have powerful tonic/adaptogenic properties that can be explored by investigation.

Juices, teas, smoothies, whole fruit, herbs, salads, pure water and adaptogenic substances and supplements.

Change quickly or slowly?

Whether we slowly adjust our diet to this detoxification diet and then heal or instantly jump to it for a number of days, it is always healthy to move towards a better diet. Just be sure you are taking steps you can handle. Detoxification can be painful.

The term is detox reaction. You would be surprised how toxic the body can get. People assume that our bodies are pretty good at cleaning out toxins we take in. That is true, only if you eat the right foods to fuel your body and avoid most if not all poisons. If you eat genetically modified ingredients and inorganic ingredients your body won’t function correctly and toxins will accumulate within you.

This is a process that goes on everyday for most people, and when you try to bring it up you will find emotional attachments to these foods because of the addictive ingredients.

These foods are literally drugs, but some people don’t treat it like that. This fits the definition, addictive compounds within toxic ingredients. You can’t stop yourself from buying it. The only difference is this isn’t illegal.

Now you need to ignore the signals your brain is giving you to eat the chips or whatever you want. There are recipes to recreate all your favorite meals in raw. They taste good, are nutritious and they DON’T set you back in your health.

If you can dedicate to 5 days raw or any amount and do it. Then eat some cooked food and then come back to it if you need to. See how it feels.

The thing to remember is it’s all up to you. But the things you eat change your genetics and DNA structure. Eating bad foods (GMO, MSG, additive laden) and then having kids isn’t fair to your children because it effects their DNA also.

Detoxification before having a child can be very beneficial and reduce likelihood of complications.

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