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Raw Food Diet Explained

The raw food diet is one of the latest dieting trends. People ate raw food for a long time and it is only recently with the inclusion of toxic, GMO laden processed foods as the majority of many peoples diets that we have become a sick society.

The raw food diet is usually vegan and is used as a method of detoxifying and cleansing the body. The raw food diet can also include raw animal products like raw meat, fish, eggs and diary.

What can the raw vegan diet do for me?

A raw vegan diet is incredibly good at detoxifying the body. By removing all animal products from our diet temporarily and eating predominantly raw, organic fruits, vegetables with superfoods, soaked nuts and seeds thrown in occasionally we allow our body to do its job of removing garbage from our bodies and refining it to it’s optimum state.

While on this detox cleanse it is a good time to research into better quality animal products if you plan to eat them again after this diet.

Grass fed vs. grain fed

Grass fed meats are far better quality than grain fed. Animals aren’t meant to eat legumes and grains, their bodies aren’t designed to digest these foods.

When cattle eat grains they don’t digest properly causing illness. They also don’t get the required nutrition meaning that they are further susceptible to illness. This means they need to be pumped full of anti-biotics and hormones to keep them alive.

When do I know when when/if I’m ready to include animal products into my diet again?

Some people feel so good on a raw vegan diet that they can stay on the diet for many, many years, even indefinitely.

Others experience health benefits and an energy boost at first but slowly over time they feel that something is missing.

This isn’t an excuse to quit the diet after one day as some people have eaten more than their fare share of animal products to the point of excess and their health is in bad shape because of this (among other things!)

When or if you do choose to include animal products source organic, grass fed. Get your milk raw and if you can’t then don’t drink it. Pasteurized and homogenized milk are terrible for your health.

One last word of advice. Don’t follow the raw vegan diet as a dogma.While it may work for you indefinitely, it might not for some. People that follow this diet to the extreme can damage themselves. Used correctly this is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

If you are just starting and don’t feel right then you have to realize that most have ingested many toxic substances throughout their lives, for years. It won’t come out in one day but if you stick to this you can get to a healthy state.

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