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Garlic Health Benefits

When most people think of garlic they think garlic bread, garlic sauce, roasted garlic etc. What they don’t realize is cooking destroys the majority of the benefits that garlic can offer us.

Why eat garlic raw?

As with most vegetables eating them in their raw state will give us the most nutritional benefit because it hasn’t had its molecular structure denatured by heat. Garlic is no exception.

Garlic contains many health promoting constituents, the most commonly known of these being allacin and diallyl sulfide.

A great way to include raw garlic into your diet is to mince the garlic and add it to foods. Once garlic has been minced it helps release even more of the health benefits within garlic than just eating a garlic clove.

Some of the many benefits of consuming raw garlic:

  • Shown to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.
  • Diallyl sulfide in garlic helps your body use iron more efficiently. This is great for people suffering anemia.
  • An extremely effective cold/flu/infection fighter. Garlic boosts our immune system to help fight disease. Have 2-4 cloves of garlic, raw, at the first sign of illness.
  • Garlic shows promising benefits to people suffering high blood pressure.
  • Excellent treatment for internal worms and other parasites.
  • Because of garlic’s high antioxidant rating it is an effective supplement to a diet for cancer prevention and cure.
  • A good source of selenium.
  • The natural sulfur content of garlic is an excellent heavy metal detoxifier.
  • Very useful treatment for Candida and yeast infections. Candida hates garlic!

Add it to salads, eat it on its own, add to smoothies? Get it in you!

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