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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle?

The best way to start a healthy lifestyle is to look at what you are eating. Don’t look at the packaging telling you what the manufacturers want you to think. They will do anything to make you buy their product. You need to read the ingredients list because here is where the real contents lie.


GMO ingredients are common because most governments subsidize farmers to grow GMO grain over conventional or organic. This tips the market in their favor. Farmers looking to make the most money would naturally go towards the GMO crops. The most common GMO ingredients are soy, corn, canola and cottonseed derived ingredients which are abundant in processed food in this day and age.

A product that claims to be “MSG free” on the front of the packet could contain multiple forms of MSG under different aliases. They have different names but their molecular structure and effects on our bodies are the same. Names of hidden MSG are yeast extract, natural flavors, glutamic acid, hydrolised vegetable protein etc. MSG is neurotoxic.

Various other toxins are commonly in processed foods that many people eat without realizing. People have this idea that reading the ingredients list is challenging and they would rather just remain ignorant. This is more difficult in the long run. Click Here to read more about toxins in processed foods you are most probably eating.

Simply read the ingredients list, if you don’t know what the ingredient is look it up on the internet, use a search engine. Look up how it affects our body once ingested.

So What Foods Are Good?

Eat what you are sure about like fruits, vegetables, small amounts of grains, legumes, sprouted nuts and seeds. These are very healing foods. Clean water is also important, get a water filter or buy pure casked water. Make sure it is fluoride and chlorine free.

Temporarily removing animal foods from your diet is a great step to healing your body. Leave these out while you include more vegetables and fruit, with less processed foods. Look into the benefits of grass fed animal products vs grain fed. When/if you return animal products to your diet use the highest quality sources, grass fed and organic.

Always be on the path to learn more about health and try new things. Find what works for you.

If you want to learn more about how to become as healthy as possible then I recommend you read through the following links, the information will benefit you:

Super foods are nutrient dense. Healing, anti aging compounds that are not found in a conventional diet. This is a must read article.

Click Here to see a list of the health benefits of various Superfoods, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Animal Products, Greens, Herbs and Grains

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