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Adaptogenic Herbs

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural foods that when eaten help our body reach homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of balance within the body. At peace. Adaptogens help us adapt to stresses in our environment.

If you get auto immune reactions to animals or certain foods adaptogens can help your immune system calm down and stop attacking itself. If your immune system is shut down from virus infection then it can raise the immune system up to help fight the virus.

Essentially adaptogens are smart foods, the real smart food. It helps fine tune your body and bring it to a state of balance to help you think and act better.

How can adaptogens help me?

Adaptogens are useful for everyone at any place in their life. Think of it like this, if you knew the #1 healthiest thing you could eat and had to choose between #1 and #100, you would obviously choose #1 right? Adaptogens are the best supplements to our diet.

They are useful for athletes because it helps them adapt to the stress they are putting their body under (which is the primary goal of exercise, to adapt to higher levels of stress). This allows them to reach a higher state of fitness and strength.

Adaptogens are useful for people who work long hours because they help you focus and have a clearer approach to things.

The balancing effects of adaptogens helps improve our critical thinking. For various reasons people have been lulled into a state of acceptance of what the status quo produces. Healthy foods help us step outside the box, from a perspective where we can witness the manipulation.

So adaptogens are good, I get it. What are some examples??

Some examples of great adaptogens are:

You can buy high quality superfoods at Hyperion Herbs:

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