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Health Benefits of Stretching

It was Bruce Lee who said that we mustn’t become stagnant. When water becomes stagnant it becomes dirty and insects make their home in it. When water is flowing it is clear.

Our bodies function fundamentally in the same way. We either use our muscles or lose them. When muscles are put under stress this tells the body to adapt to that level of stress and increases muscle bulk to compensate.

  • Stretching your muscles, especially in the morning, is a very healthy practice. It moves your lymphatic system which is meant to flow and it is good to get a full range of movement of your body.
  • We must flow and a limited range of motion will make our body deteriorate over time. Doing a range of stretches and exercises will give you the maximum benefit. Healthy eating will help even more.
  • Stretching is beneficial before exercise. It increases athletic performance while reducing exercise related injuries.
  • Stretching improves flexibility, this is useful for people with stiff muscles.
  • The increased blood flow to muscles that occurs after stretching increases hand eye coordination.

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