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Why you need Zinc

Zinc deficiency is common because of depletion of this element from soils and modern food processing methods destroy nutrition.

Zinc deficiency has many outward symptoms that include acne, hair loss, cancer, joint pain, muscle pain etc.

If we get enough zinc in our diets through proper food and/or supplementing there are a number of health benefits to zinc. Good levels of zinc leaves you less susceptible to disease

Having zinc containing foods along with vitamin B6, C and E works synergistically to provide maximum health benefit.

By far the best source of zinc is He Shou Wu. He Shou Wu is one of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs available.

Besides He Shou Wu, other good sources of zinc are liver, oysters (I would avoid unless from a good source, avoid radiation contamination), sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and oats.

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