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Dangers of Aspartame

Aspartame is marketed as being a safe alternative to sugar. The products they are in are given trendy and exciting names like Pepsi MAX or Coke ZERO. This makes people grab for this item without questioning why they are grabbing it.

More often than not they were watching television and they saw an advertisement of people drinking some artificially sweetened beverage and having a good time. Advertisers use powerful techniques that you could consider subliminal and mind controlling. It effects you subconsciously so you are more likely to spontaneously grab that drink because you are familiar with it.

That aside Aspartame is a high toxic ingredient that is potentially within food and beverages you consume.

It is marketed to help you lose weight. And coming from a place of ignorance it is understandable how you come to this conclusion. You don’t expect something to be this bad for you and you expect the food safety regulatory agencies would have banned this before it even got on the market.

Unfortunately because of a very real conspiracy that occurred it was allowed into the food supply.

“Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 through experiments for G.D. Searle, and was then bought by Monsanto in 1984 as a separate Monsanto subsidiary; the NutraSweet Company. An investigation in 1999 revealed Monsanto were using the excrement of genetically modified E. Coli bacteria to produce Aspartame.

Until 1981, the FDA continuously refused to approve aspartame due to the seizures and brain tumours the drug was producing in lab animals. It was not until President Reagan took office (a friend of G.D. Searle) and fired the FDA commissioner who would not approve it that they could begin to make preparations.

Hull Hayes was appointed the new commissioner, and in spite of his own Board of Inquiry’s opposition, he overruled them, allowing aspartame to be used.” 1

If you read my last post about MSG you will already be aware of some of the toxic effects of Aspartame as Aspartame shares similar symptoms.

This is because like MSG a significant portion of what Aspartame consists of is a non essential amino acid. When Aspartame is drunk it fries neurons in the brain.

“Because it is common that a person will not experience noticeable illness from a short term usage of aspartame, this is taken as proof that there is no problem with safety.

Unfortunately, this position ignores the fact that the effects of aspartame poisoning are cumulative.”

– Dr Michael Schachter, M.D.

Aspartame has long term use health risks. These come up in a variety of ways that include but aren’t limited to:

Memory loss, hormonal problems, dementia, brain lesions, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Aspartame consists of approximately 40% Phenylalanine, 50% Aspartic acid and 10% methanol.

Aspartic acid was explained above. This is where Aspartame gets worse than MSG.

The methanol in Aspartame breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde once it reaches 30 degrees Celsius, and if your internal body temperature is at a normal healthy level then methanol will break down.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen linked to leukemia and other forms of cancers including brain as well as birth defects.

Another reason Aspartame produces birth defects is because it reduces the quality of sperm. The sperm of someone who ingests Aspartame is sluggish, DNA fragmented, and producing excessive cellular waste and free radicals.

Aspartame doesn’t even do what it claims to do, help you lose weight.

When ingested it is absorbed in the intestines then passes  to the liver. The liver metabolites Aspartame down to its toxic parts mentioned before. Because the liver is wasting energy trying to process this toxic load it has less energy and time to burn fat resulting in weight gain.

1. The Report ( – free copy.

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